The Hidden World of Gnomes (Hardcover)

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The Hidden World of Gnomes (Hardcover)


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A delightful introduction and collection of facts about the secret lives of gnomes that will charm and fascinate readers of all ages.

This book is an introduction to the hidden folk called gnomes, who live in a happy place they call The Pocket. Where is The Pocket, you ask?

Well, it’s all around you, all the time.

Gnomes are curious little creatures, and they’re very shy. But after reading this book, you will learn to spot the telltale signs that gnomes are around . . . and maybe even meet one!

Lauren Soloy has been studying gnomes her whole life, and she has created this book to share her knowledge with you. For example, what jobs do gnomes do? Babysitting robin's eggs, squirrel-tail fluffing, storytelling. Where do they live? In gardens, forests and any place with plants, birds and bugs. What are their names? Hotchi-Mossy, Able Potter, Cob Tiggy and Puckle Swift, to name a few.

With charming details and surprising facts, this celebration of all things gnome will enchant readers of all ages.
LAUREN SOLOY has lived on both coasts of Canada, always within reach of the sea. She currently lives in Nova Scotia, in a house that is exactly 100 years older than she is, with her librarian husband, two curious children, an ever-expanding collection of books, two hives of bees and one grumpy cat. She has finally achieved her life goal of being able to walk through her yard, snacking on whatever fruit or berry is in season—a fact which, she figures, makes her an honorary gnome. She is the author and illustrator of When Emily Was Small and Etty Darwin and the Four Pebble Problem, as well as the illustrator of I’s the B’y: The Beloved Newfoundland Folk Song.
Product Details ISBN: 9780735271043
ISBN-10: 0735271046
Publisher: Tundra Books
Publication Date: June 20th, 2023
Pages: 96
Language: English
"[This] cheeky, cheerful book is incredibly endearing . . . each page turn brings an unexpected treat. Young readers can dip in for a delightful detail or read all the way through for a deep dive into the cozy world, and Soloy concludes with a reminder that there is always magic to be found in the world around us. An utterly charming gnome tome for anyone searching for wonder." —STARRED REVIEW, Booklist

"[A]ims to make readers more attentive to nature as a source of joy. . . . Gnomish 'heart-seeing' might be the best way to appreciate this winning tribute to euphoria." —Kirkus Reviews

"In this charming guidebook to gnomes and gnome-dom, Soloy introduces . . .  an ethos of being at home in the natural world." —Publishers Weekly

"A cute, lighthearted, and fun read that I can see many readers — young and old — exploring and loving." —Young Adulting

"The Hidden World of Gnomes is truly distinctive: a catalogue, a meditation, a work of gentle humor and an ode to humanity, big or small." —Imaginary Elevators