Maya And Nala: A true story of how a girl and a rescue dog became best friends. (Paperback)

Maya And Nala: A true story of how a girl and a rescue dog became best friends. By Allison Lange Cover Image

Maya And Nala: A true story of how a girl and a rescue dog became best friends. (Paperback)


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"Maya and Nala" is a sweet tale based on the true story of an extra large dog who needed a home until she met Maya and her family.

Maya's mom is an animal rescuer, so Maya has been around many dogs in the 2 years since she was born. They've fostered dogs, cats and bunnies but this day was different because if Nala was a good match for their household, they would adopt her. Nala's previous person could no longer keep her, so she was spending most of her time at a boarding facility and becoming very sad. Nala was nervous when she arrived at Maya's house but was excited to meet Maya. The bond between Maya and Nala was clear from the beginning, but this was a big change for Nala so Maya had to learn to give her time to adjust. This transition period is common with animals being adopted into a new home and animals being put into new settings with new people. "Maya and Nala" can help explain this to kids in a fun way and gives a parents an opportunity to discuss empathy and understanding of what another being is feeling. Most photos in this book were taken before the idea of telling their story came to be, so readers can truly see the reality of how they are together. In fact, it was after sharing photos of the pair online, that a professor of early childhood development messaged the author, suggesting she make their story into a children's book. "Maya and Nala" is a feel good book that includes diversity, animals, adoption and education.
Allison Lange is a mom, small business owner and animal rescuer. She grew up in a small town in Indiana where her family instilled in her a respect for all animals and the environment. Since she was a kid, Allison knew she wanted to work with animals in some way but wasn't sure how. Then, shortly after moving to Los Angeles, she started volunteering with a local animal rescue and found a path where not only could she work with animals, but also help them. Allison now has over 17 years of experience running an animal rescue organization and rehabilitating dogs, cats, bunnies and more. She has worked tirelessly over the years with her rescue partner to save animals, while also educating adults and children about proper pet care, animal behavior, training and rescue.

Allison is a mother of a two year old daughter, Maya, who is already an animal lover herself. Their household has included rescued bunnies, cats and dogs, while Allison's sister has rescued horses, donkeys and goats. Allison became inspired to write this book after watching the sweet bond form between her daughter and their newly adopted dog Nala and how, with a little guidance, Maya was able to give Nala time to settle into her new home.
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Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: January 25th, 2021
Pages: 24
Language: English
Series: Maya and Nala