A Long Night for Mr. Dennis (Paperback)

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"A Long Night for Mr. Dennis" is a true story that occurred one July 4 several years ago. Many animals and people for that matter are frightened by the loud sounds that fireworks make. Mr. Dennis was one of them. He was let outside and disappeared into the night almost immediately. Family and friends were visiting and helped look for him for many hours. I am unsure what animals he actually met up with during the night except for a skunk as he had an odor for sure Other animals mentioned however are common in Ticonderoga so they were included in the story. Coyotes and other predators are especially common in this area so we were all quite concerned for Mr. Dennis out on his own. We started a message chain on his disappearance in the neighborhood and were so happy and thankful he was found and returned to us Nancy Carlson grew up in a family that loved animals. Her father, Frank, was especially influential in sharing his curiosity and knowledge regarding animals of all kinds. He was an avid fisherman so naturally our summer vacations were spent near a lake and along the Long Island Sound. My brother Jeff and I would accompany him while fishing, crabbing, exploring the shorelines, etc. Our summer toys consisted of a seining net, fishing pole, drop line, shovel and pails, and beginner identification books. Nancy earned a Bachelor's degree in Biology then taught Environmental Education for 30 years.
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Publication Date: May 18th, 2021
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