In-Store Book Fairs

"Do you do bookfairs?" Do we do bookfairs!? YES Ma'am, but I'm not talkin' about those lame affairs set up on rickety tables in long drafty after-school kinda hallways. NO Ma'am. I'm talkin' about reserving Wild Rumpus for a rollicking, rousing, full selection, full service (including gift-wrapping) kinda bookfair. Your school receives twenty percent in store credit or ten percent in cash of every sale rung through the register. You supply the refreshments and the entertainment and we'll supply the rest. Make it a family affair. Make it a neighborhood affair. Make it a worldwide affair. Put the "fun" back into "fundraising". Call 612-920-5005 and speak to Katie for reservations.

Please note: If you would like to support your organization's bookfair with an online purchase, be sure to type the name of the organization under "Gift Registry" at the end of checkout. Your order must be placed on the day of the bookfair.