Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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As poultry representative and the face of Wild Rumpus, Neil DeGrasse Tyson (the chicken, not the astrophysicist*) is well loved by staff and customers alike, even though she is often mistaken for a cat or some other furry animal. Her eyes may be covered in wild, fluffy feathers, but underneath the fluff, they belie her kind and gentle nature.

Although Neil is a bit shy around big crowds and sometimes needs to take a break behind the counter, she welcomes a gentle pet when the store is calm.

Image description: A photo of Neil, a fluffy black chicken with mop top feathers on her head, standing on top of some cards looking comfortableImage description: A photo of Neil standing on the floor in a row of bookshelves










*Wondering whom Neil is named after? Check out the original Neil DeGrasse Tyson here.