Recycled Books

UPDATE, June 14: We are NOT accepting or selling recycled books until further notice.



If you're not going to reread them, or if you've outgrown them, or if you never liked them in the first place, bring 'em on in!

Here are the basic rules of the trade:

  1. No art-enhanced copies. (If you scribbled in it when you were two, fuhgettabouttit!)
  2. No shredded books. (If there are pages missing or falling out, it can totally alter the plot-what would Curious George Takes a Job be without the classic ether scene?)
  3. No books covered with foreign substances. (Baby spit and doggy vomit are the most common offenders.)
  4. No library books (either "officially" withdrawn or "un")
  5. No holiday or religious books
  6. Please check books for receipts, bookmarks (and any notes of luuurrve you might keep tucked between know what we're talking about...)
  7. Adult books accepted on a case-by-case basis
  8. We reserve the right to contradict ourselves on any of the aforementioned rules of the trade.

We'll give you (this was the part you were waiting for, right?)...

  • for regular books:
    • 50 cents store credit, OR
    • 25 cents cash
  • for spineless (i.e. staple bound) books:
    • 10 cents store credit, OR
    • 5 cents cash

While we welcome you to drop off books at anytime, Wild Rumpus can be crazy on the weekends so we can't guarantee that we'll get to them immediately. We might have you leave your name and number to contact you in the near future. If you drop your books off, please note that any books we can't accept will be disposed of after 3 days.


Best Drop-off Hours:

Mondays: 12pm - 4:30pm

Tuesdays - Fridays: 10:30am - 7:30pm

Our goal is to have a great selection of books available for ninety-three-cents-plus-tax. That means that if you have one dollar to spend, you can buy a great book!